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Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Do you wish to be left alone?

Are  you going through things that you cannot share with anybody?

Do you feel depressed?

Not to worry!

Help is here....

Why dont you walk with me. Clean the tears off your face and smile. Look at the bright side of life because you are going to come out fulfilled.

Say to yourself daily

I know i am great
I am beautiful/handsome
I am royalty
I am a king/queen
I will make it

And be rest assured that everything will be alright.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The girl behind the Hello

I am glad to be back y'all

So the other day as i sat contemplating on what to do and how to go about Emeka's school fees. Bisola passed and greeted me. Mummy good afternoon.
                                     "Eh my child, how are you?
           She put her head down sheepishly and replied " Fine mummy".
I got interested in her and asked her to come sit with me. She replied politely, "please mummy, my uncle is waiting for his recharge card"

My dear, you can run along, when you are done, please come and sit with me. I said to her, waving.

When she was through she came back to sit with me.

We got talking and through out her head was bowed.
My daughter why do you always put your head down when i am talking to you?

She smiled so beautifully. "my uncle says you must not look your elder in the eye"

O my! i put my hand on my chest, with my mouth wide open.

My dear, you should be as bold as  a lion not disrespectful. You should be confident in all you do. So putting your head down or not looking at me will not make you look confident do you know?

She kept quite still putting her head down.

My dear,i continued talking to her. After our talk, she smiled and thanked me looking at my face.

I was happy i could talk to her. and her confidence built over the years.

Confidence is key

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


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Friday, December 16, 2016


Singers, we married.

After a recital at our wedding, Dave winked at me. I smiled. He laid some kiss on my right ear and whispered,

"I love that number, baby. I wish we could sing the song Sheri and Jeff sang in the Gaither's home-coming concert at our dinner, this evening."

I nodded.

"You're my bread, when I'm hungry
You're my shelter from troubled wind
You're my anchor in life's ocean
But most of all,
You're my best friend."

I silently hummed along before I noticed smart Steve, the photographer had captured that thrilling moment.

At half past two, the reception ended.

We both held hands happily as we walked out of the hall.


Our loved ones exclaimed as Dave carried me in his arms into the Limo.

"I want to love like you when I grow up," five year old
Rukayat said.

Everyone laughed. My heart went everywhere at once.

It was the beginning of forever.

We held the dinner in my father-in-law's courtyard. Kolade gave us a back up on the bass strings. I dressed in a coral short fifties-style dress. Dave dashed in a royal tuxedo. Friends and family rocked it well too. It was indeed a splash.

That night, I eavesdropped  a phone conversation between Dave and someone.
I didn't really understand until we found ourselves at Eiffel Tower in Paris on Tuesday afternoon. That was just a wow!

On a fortnight Monday, my husband returned work after our vacation. I helped him with his shoes.

"Let's go dine before I have a shower," he hurriedly said.

I could read hunger on his throat. We smiled.

After taking some spoons, I broke the silence asides the clicks.

"You like this meal?"

"I've been eating at Cresco Foods since I was a bachelor."
Dave stopped.

"What does that mean?"

"I need no angel to tell me where Jesus was born, dear."

"I'm sorry, Prince."
"It's Ok."

My head dropped. I sighed.

     * * * * *
My father-in-law, through his connections, got me a good job, not very late. I had always prayed for great in-laws when I was single.
I'm glad to have gotten a delightful answer.

As time winded, I got pressures from my place of work. Kasali was too enticing. Sixty-year old Mr Joseph became a thorn in my flesh after I warned him severally to stay clear from me. Bruce, a consultant was always telling me he would give me a green card. Well, thank God my husband was not unaware as we steered the wheels together. Consequently, he gave me strategies and reassured me of his love.

On May 22nd, my birthday, he bought me a  very nice birthday cake and an expensive fruit wine. Whilst trying to lift the bottle out of the bag, it fell off.My brain had some seconds siesta immediately.

Before I would say Jack... he looked straight into my eyeballs and said,

"Adedunke, I love you dearly."

I did not know whether to smile or cry as I watched him cleaning it up again. He went out straightway and got another including some chocolates. Dumbfounded, that was my state.
Months rolled. We were confidently happy. No third party came in between us. The wine of our bliss flowed freely.

Out of the blue, something disrupted. It was on the following night Dave travelled to Apple Island for a career conference. He promised to be back in ten days. That wasn't too long though but I'd miss him like it's a decade.
My old friends, Rachel and Tosin back then in College visited me. We gisted, shared old memories and laughed loud. Rachel mentioned how she's been envying my marriage. I overlooked that. We continued.

My husband's call interrupted.

"Hello, Dave's queen."

"We're good here. What's up in Apple Island?"

"Seminars, paper reviews, awards... There's so much gist, till I come."


"How's our baby kicking?"

"Aww...Maybe he wants to say, daddy, hi."

"Really?" He asked jokingly.

"...Ok, bye. Please be careful with those old College friends of yours. I love you loads."

You too."

Was that a timely warning? I shrugged. We ended the call.

My friends eyed me.

Suddenly, Tosin brought up a party invitation. I turned down squarely, besides, my husband's physical absence does not break that rule. However, I got persuaded by the duo until I joined in the decision.

That night, I followed them in the gown I wore for our dinner sheepishly. We got to the venue 8pm. I requested a low cocktail at the reception. Then we walked in.

God! I was shocked to marrow by the scene. The weed smokes were high, music with unlimited decibels, different coloured drinks, dance steps I've never seen, a hand that tapped me: that was all I could remember.

I woke up in Salem Medical Centre wearing a sanitary pad.

"Was I raped?"

"Yes, you were, blindly. Sorry, it is well. We just had a D&C to save you too. Be fine, please."  A slender nurse replied me.

I cried uncontrollably

"I was tempted.I was drugged. Three days ago?" My memory managed to refresh.

"What of my baby?"

"You lost him.Sorry, ma'am."

I cried more.

"You need to rest, please," said the nurse.

"Thank you. Is my husband here?"

"He was. He left some minutes ago after paying the bills."

"Can I get a telephone to call him, please?"


He told me how disappointed he was. I argued to play safe. He dropped.

 * * * * * *

Days after I was discharged, I still had no clue about Dave's whereabouts. I was home all alone. Then weeks skipped. I tried meeting  my in-laws; no way.

"Was I sorry? No, I tried to cover up."

"Dave was a true husband. I've failed him many times yet his reactions had always been I love you, baby. In him, I found love to be a verb and noun together."

My thoughts multiplied.

Months passed. I remained in his house. Where is my Dave?

Alas! I WAS A WIFE?!

"I will arise now, and go about the city in the streets, and in the broad ways I will seek him whom my soul loves: I sought him but I found him not."

I was mad with myself.

"Please, did you find my Dave?
          * * * *
"By night on my bed sought him whom my soul loves: but I found him not."

I was still in his house.

"I sought him, but I could not find him; I called him but he gave me no answer."

I was on the streets. Alas! I WAS A WIFE?

"If you find my beloved, tell him , that I am sick of love."

"The keepers of the wall took away my veil from me."
      * * * * *

That may be you. Don't leave yet!

You were espoused to Him a bride in white spotless linen, covered with veil and decorated with royalty. He showered you with the greatest love. You still live in His house, but you are no longer His wife. You have His writs with you, but you already lost His presence. The Spirit warned, but you would not yield.

So many christians today have lost their heads in the high weed. Don't let that gift, title, collar, respect  or feeling deceive you. It would be shocking, hearing the scarest words ever, DEPART FROM ME, I KNOW YOU NOT, YOU WORKERS OF INIQUITY.

In the courts, rendering physical services but NO LONGER THE BRIDE OF CHRIST; how sad will it be to realize at the judgment bar!

Many churches with committed goers, but few brides!

"Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent..." (Rev 2:5) Examine. Repent, don't argue. Amend.
Revelation 16:15 says, "Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he  that watcheth, and keepeth his garments,  lest he walk naked, and they see his  shame."

(DISCLAIMER: The above story is a divinely-inspired fiction. Allusions are taken from Songs of Solomon in the Bible. If you find any coincidence, take it as a message from God. Also, there are moral lessons*



Friday, November 25, 2016

RCCG youth pastor kills wife

A youth pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Akolade Arowolo, has been sentenced to die by hanging for the murder of his banker wife, Titilayo.
Pastor Arowolo could not hold back his pains after the court ruling, he burst into a fit of prayer. Titilayo worked with Skye bank, whilst her husband was employed. Prosecutors were able to present compelling evidence that led to the conviction of Mr Arowolo and his sentencing by Justice Lateefat Okunu of the Ikeja High Court, he was handed a death sentence. Justice Okunu held in her over three hours judgment that evidence before the court proved that Arowolo actually murdered his wife in their matrimonial home.
Testimony in the form of a forensic report from Prof. John Oladapo Obafunwa, a pathologist, was what the court used to determine that there was no way the deceased could have stabbed herself to death. Immediately after the judgment, Arowolo fell down in the dock and started shouting “Jesus have mercy.” PM News reports that Prof Obafunwa testified that his autopsy report revealed that Titilayo was killed through 76 knife stab wounds.
There were claims by Pastor Arowolo, suggesting that his wife was possessed and inflicted injuries on herself. He noted that the knife wounds affected Titilayo’s left eye, right eye, upper chest area, right chest and collar bone. Prof. Obafunwa pointed out in his testimony that the deceased could not have inflicted such wounds on herself. To further prove its case, prosecution invited some of Titilayo’s family members who testified that Arowolo and Titilayo had always had a troubled marriage.
The family members included Titilayo’s father, George Oyakhire; sister, Ijeh and mother-in-law, Mrs Adetoun Yeside Oyakhire. The three witnesses testified that the couple lived a cat and mouse life. They claimed that the family had at several times, settled serious fights between the couple. None of the witnesses however saw what actually happened on the day Titilayo died
The Herald reports that Arowolo’s co-tenant, Adewale Adeyemi also gave evidence in the case. Arowolo’s parents testified that their son was incapable of murder
Adeyemi in his evidence said that on the day of the incident he heard a loud noise when he was in his apartment and later saw Arowolo rushing out with a deep cut in his palms. He claimed to have also seen a hammer and a knife with a broken handle in the yard. Other witnesses such a the security man at the Arowolos’ residence, Investigating Police Officer and an MTN Staff also gave evidence in the case.
Youth PastorArowolo broke down in tears, after the judge handed him the death sentence, he had claimed he was innocent of killing his wife. Having presented its case, the burden was shifted on Arowolo to defend himself.
Expectedly, Arowolo had his personal explanation as to what happened on the day Titilayo died. First, he claimed that he and his deceased wife had passionate sex for two hours and kissed on the same day she died.

He claimed that Titi stabbed herself to death on the day after they had a fight. Arowolo claimed that Titilayo was possessed by an evil spirit and inflicted several stab wounds on him before turning to herself. Arowolo’s father, Mudashiru and mother also testified of their son’s good behavior, insisting he could not have killed his wife.
They claimed that he has always been a religious person and was incapable of killing

Credit: omogist

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Donald Trump and President Obama to meet in 2 hours

President Obama and Donald Trump to meet in two hours time. Even as Trump calls for Unity. Well, will it be an akward moment as President Obama passes power to the new president elect.

Even with the fact that the campaign has been an ugly one. We anticipate a good one and we know Obama and he is going to be professional and he is going to be straight with the meeting. It is good for the people to have an open mind. We are all looking forward to what Donald Trump will do once he is on. Let's keep our fingers crossed and wait for the president-elect to work. Go with the things you know you can pass" Rudy Giuliani said today on CNN. So there's no way Trump won't do those things he promised. 

Millions Protest in the US

Trump might have won the election but obviously he has not won the heart of the protesters. The angry people went to the street to air their displeasure in the just concluded election.

Thousands of people  descended upon Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan Wednesday night, marching from Union square. Protesters are saying Trump is not their choice and also not their president "My body, My choice, "Not my presiden" and so on. At least 65 people were arrested during Wednesday night's demonstrations, according to WABC. A lot of people climbed light poles and had to be taken down.